NICT unveils 62-channel 3D sound system that destroyed Alderaan

Oct 5, 2010

I have seen some strange speakers before, there were some shaped like horns a while back, but this 3D sound speaker is one of the strangest. It looks like the power core for the Death Star. The round speaker is a 62-channel unit making your 7.1-channel system feel woefully inadequate.

The 3D sound system speaker was made by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology or NICT for short. It claims to be the world's first sound system capable of representing a moving sound source like an instrument or a singer in three dimensions.

The orb has 62-different independently driven channels in all different directions. You can hear the sound anywhere you might be just as you were in the room with the singer. I don't even what to know how much that thing would cost if it went into production. Presumably, you could place it anywhere in the room and get the same sound quality.

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