New Right-Click Menu item for YouTube Allows Instant Time Link

Dec 2, 2010

Did you know that you can link directly to a certain point inside a YouTube video instead of just playing from the beginning? All it's taken at this point is a simple manual addition to the end of the address like so: "#t=31m08s" and bam! Whenever someone clicks your YouTube link, they'll be sent not only to the video, but to that exact point in its timeline. NOW what YouTube has going on is the ability to access this functionality simply by pausing a video where you'd like, right clicking, and selecting "Copy Video URL at Current Time." Simple, right?

You'll get a list of options when you right-click that include "Copy video URL," "Copy video URL at current time," "Copy embed html," "Report playback issue," "Take speed test," "Stop download," "Show video info," "Copy debug info," "Settings...," "Global settings...," and "About Adobe Flash Player 10...". Check it out. Well played, YouTube. The above video of Lady GAGA promoting Android AU can be found over at Android Community.

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