New Retina Macbook Pros get SSD benchmark, teardown

Jul 29, 2014
New Retina Macbook Pros get SSD benchmark, teardown

Apple's newly launched Retina Macbook Pros have already been put through the paces -- at least, their SSDs have been. The folks at OWC got a hold of both the 13-inch and 15-inch models and benchmarked the drives, as well as giving them a minor teardown to reveal what's inside.

Other World Computing, more commonly known at OWC, ran speed tests on both models' SSDs, then proceeded to do an unboxing and a mini teardown -- you can see some of these pics in the gallery below. Looking at the speed tests, the larger of the two models had more notable benchmarks.

The 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro's benchmarks were fairly similar to the smaller model when it came to average sequential reads (261.873MB/s) and sequential writes (245.887MB/s), but started eclipsing it with random reads (194.479MB/s versus 165.192) and greatly outpaced it with random writes (322.296MB/s versus 131.403).

For your visual enjoyment, they also unboxed both laptops step-by-step, and removed the bottom panels from both, giving a glimpse of what lies under the hood. You can see the full galleries for both laptops via the link below.

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SOURCE: Rocket Yard

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