New Details on Twilight Princess!

Nov 6, 2006
New Details on Twilight Princess!

Nintendo, being the loving megacorporation that it is, has graced us with some new details regarding The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. While a couple of initial reviews of the game have been less than stellar, both Gamecube and Wii owners (this we knew) will be able to enjoy the 70+ hours the game offers. Also (amusingly), the Wii's version of the game features a first-ever right-handed Link, while the GC version will feature Link in his left-handed glory. Finally, there aren't a ton of other differences between the two versions; the Wii's version supports 16:9 widescreen and Wiimote functionality, along with some very minor graphical cleanups. If you're a GC user, you'll need to wait until December 11th to take Link for a spin. but users lucky enough to grab a Wii will be able to get the new Zelda at launch. Get your consoles ready!

[via GamePro]

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