Netronix WiFi e-reader hits FCC, headed to Cool-ER & maybe Kobo?

Jun 2, 2010

Netronix may not be a household name in the e-reader market, but that's only because we're more used to seeing their devices branded as Cool-ER or Kobo (like the recent $149 Kobo model on sale at Borders).  Now a new FCC filing for what looks to be a 6-inch e-reader with integrated WiFi has emerged, potentially pointing to an updated Borders model that could download new titles via wireless network rather than just transfer them over Bluetooth.

Full details are unclear at this stage, not helped by an FCC confidentiality agreement.  Still, The Digital Reader have apparently confirmed with Cool-ER that they will indeed be rebadging the new Netronix, and there are numerous other company names included in the listing.

That confidentiality agreement lifts on June 30th 2010, so it doesn't look like we'll have to wait too long to find out full details one way or another.  Netronix e-readers may lack the PR glamour of the Kindle or nook, but if the company can implement WiFi without taking the price too high, they could have a quiet hit on their hands.

[via The Digital Reader and via Wireless Goodness]

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