Netgear unveils new ProSafe 16-AP WMS5316 Wireless management System

Jan 13, 2010

Wireless networks are great in most instances for consumers and they can be great things for businesses. A wireless network will let the business avoid the cost of running wires throughout the office and can be faster than a wired network too. The catch for businesses is that managing the wireless network can be a big hassle.

Netgear has announced a new device called the Prosafe 16-AP wireless management system. The device has centralized management of the network and is designed for growing businesses. The device allows one point of management of up to 16 access points and provides load balancing, RF management and guest access.

The WMS5316 has robust security features and uses WPA2 encryption keys and MAC authentication lists. The management device will work with SOHO access points as well as professional grade wireless access points allowing the continued use of lower cost wireless networking hardware already installed. The WMS5316 will ship in March for $910.

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