Netgear debuts cool WNHDB3004 3DHD wireless home theater networking kit

Nov 8, 2010

I think most of us would rather go wireless with all of our gear than have to fight wires and cables assuming the wireless gear offered the same performance as our wired gear. Netgear is big in the home networking realm with all manner of gear for wired and wireless products. The company has unveiled a new line of gear that is specifically designed to allow for high-speed streaming of jitter-free 1080p HD video throughout the home wirelessly.

The new home theater networking kit is called the Netgear 3DHD and has part number WNHDB3004. To support high-speed streaming for homes with multiple walls between the router and the home theater the networking kit uses four transmitters and four receivers inside the wireless router for 4x4 MIMO. The result is longer range and more reliability when it comes to streaming content.

The device also has dynamic beam forming to steer and target WiFi signals to the receiver to boost range. The router also has Space Time block Coding tech that allows the device to send multiple redundant copies of the same data across different paths to minimize packet loss and improve video reliability. The kit with two adapters will sell for $259 and individual adapters will cost $129 with both shipping in the middle of November.

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