Netflix Update Adds Video Out Support for iPhone 4, iPod 4th Gen

Oct 5, 2010

Netflix slipped out an update to their application available in Apple's App Store, focusing on the iPod Touch and iPhone. The new version, which was officially released yesterday, covers quite a few bug fixes that people had reported since the previous update to the application. While bug fixes are great, it's the other addition included in the update that has Netflix subscribers who own an iPhone 4 or a 4th generation iPod Touch pretty happy.

The update adds support for video out. But, as we mentioned above, it's not meant for the full range of iPhones or iPod Touches available in the market. The application only supports that of the iPhone 4, or the fourth generation iPod Touch. Of course, the iPad is still supported, as the Netflix application was updated for Apple's tablet a couple of months ago to support the feature. The update to the application is free.

[via AppAdvice]

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