NES HTPC mod with NVIDIA Ion graphics [Video]

Oct 9, 2009

NES console mods are cool, HTPCs are pretty cool, and nettops with NVIDIA Ion graphics are darned cool too, so when you put all three elements together you've got a recipe for something with a whole lot of cool potential.  Modder drumboog has been video documenting his work transforming a NES into an Atom 330 based Blu-ray HTPC with GeForce 9400M graphics, and while it's not quite complete yet, it's certainly 99-percent awesome.

Video after the cut

Inside the stripped-out NES casing goes a Zotac Atom 330 dual-core motherboard, which is then accompanied by a Blu-ray optical drive, TV tuner and a pretty vast 140mm case-fan.  There's also a 64GB SSD in there, but because of a faulty SATA cable that's not yet working.

Altogether it's a retro HTPC with 1080p high-definition capabilities and enough grunt to play some (admittedly reasonably basic) games.  Part one of the video build log is below; check out drumboog's channel for the rest.

[via Netbooked]

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