NEC sprays 3D paint on its LaVie laptops

Jul 11, 2007

Talk about creative laptop design, this is one of the coolest design ideas that I’ve seen for awhile. NEC develops 3D paint for its LaVie notebook giving the top chassis 3D optical effect.

The LaVie G Type L Basic comes standard with “snow white” outer top casing, however customer can customize it with red, blue, or yellow. The special 3D paint produce hologram diamond pattern when surrounded by a magnetic field.

NEC sprays 3D paint on its LaVie laptops

The LaVie laptop features AMD CPU options ranging from Sempron to Turion X2 and 15.4-inch display. The bad news is LaVie only available in Japan and its priced at ¥105,210 ($862).

NEC boffins develop 3D paint, spray it on laptops [via reghardware]

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