Native Union turns your iPhone and iPad into a dual-line deskphone

Mar 22, 2012

Native Union has been pushing its corded handsets for smartphones for some time now, but the Curve Twin is perhaps the first we'd actually have on our desk. Hooking up a tactile, soft-touch wired handset to two devices - Native Union is pushing the idea of your iPhone and iPad, though anything with a 3.5mm jack will work - and then propping them up on a stand, the Curve Twin can flick between the lines at the push of a button.

That way, you can field incoming voice calls on your smartphone and VoIP calls on your iPad simultaneously, or indeed hook up a pair of regular phones or your laptop. The audio cables are spring-retractable, so tidy themselves up automatically, and there's noise-reduction to improve audio quality.

The handset itself can be detached from the weighted base and plugged directly into a phone for more portable use, and there's an optional USB adapter for devices without 3.5mm jacks. The only thing really missing is charging facilities; we'd like to have seen a way to easily rejuice your tablet and phone while they're in place.

The Native Union Curve Twin is available now, in matte black or gloss white, priced at $59.99.

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