N-Control Avenger for X-Box 360 aimed at COD Black Ops players

Nov 12, 2010

A new controller accessory has surfaced for gamers on the Xbox 360 that is aimed directly at gamers who play FPS titles. The controller is called the Avenger by N-Control and the thing looks like a gamepad for the Xbox 360 that was assimilated by the Borg.

What you are really getting here isn’t a full on game pad controller, but a housing that tightly grips your existing controllers to provide a more intuitive gaming experience. The maker of the device says that the Avenger can improve accuracy and reaction time. So can a mouse and keyboard.

The Avenger lets the gamer access nine different functions at the same time and some with a stabilizer tripod, tension straps, hair triggers, and sensitivity adjusters that can be tuned to the preference of the user. The Avenger will work with any genre of game and can be ordered for $59.99.

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