Mozilla Demonstrates Potential of HTML 5 at LeWeb via Floating Ships and Spacecraft

Dec 13, 2010

So Vince was hanging out at LeWeb last week, just eating a fine piece of bread, probably sipping on some fine wine (it's France! I've been there, this happens,) when BAM! Mitchell Baker, Chairperson from Mozilla demonstrates a miraculous scene on the projector showing the capabilities of modern HTML 5. What the demonstration entails is a webpage, running in a browser, computed in Javascript real time as the audience watches. It's on the internet, and because it's on the internet, live content can be pulled into the scene and played on what appears to be floating cars flying over a Bladerunner-esque city. Sounds simple, but take a look, it's quite spectacular.

On a balloon floating in this 3D scene, floating over the city are photos taken from a live photostream on Flickr - photos taken at LeWeb the day everyone is watching this video. Next they show video (not Flash,) being pulled in in real time - they hope to be able to show LIVE video on these 3D buildings by next year (exciting!) Again all of this is on a webpage, ready to go, live, built with Javascript living in the HTML 5 world. Baker makes the point that the internet matters and is capable of lots and lots of cool stuff. Neato? Neato. Take a look at the video here:

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