Mod brings the Zapper to the Wii

Jun 26, 2007
Mod brings the Zapper to the Wii

If you're dying for some Zapper action on your Wii, you might want to check out this latest creation from a guy named 'cyberpyrot.'

video after the jump

What he has essentially done is took the IR sensor from the Wiimote and attached it to the end of a classic grey NES Zapper and rewired the 'B' button. Aside from keeping the Wiimote attached by say, a wrist strap, it gives you the feeling of playing Duck Hunt old school style

The video gives you a brief walkthrough of how the mod was accomplished and some footage of the Zapper in action. Very cool!

Wiimote mod gets NES Zapper zappin' again [via joystiq]

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