Mobile phone runs on fuel cell powered by soft drinks

Jan 12, 2010

I am eagerly waiting for the day when fuel cells make their way into my laptop and mobile phone. To be able to simply top off a fuel tank and keep playing iPhone games indefinitely would be a great thing. Fuel cells aren't to the point of use for most of us yet, but someday they will be.

A designer named Daizi Zhend has designed a concept phone for Nokia that gets the power it needs from the sugar in a can of soda. The phone can run on any sugary water if your preferred poison isn’t Coke as you see in these pictures.

If you are like me and prefer diet sodas, you will need some of the fully leaded variety should this concept ever come to be. The design is also fully biodegradable and the fuel cell promises to last three or four times longer than conventional batteries.

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