Mio and ATX partnering to bring you real time info you can use

Apr 1, 2008

Mio, long time manufacturer of GPS devices, is partnering with ATX, a major provider of telematics services in both the US and Europe. The types of things this partnership will bring you include lots of location-aware types of data including local weather, weather for your planned destination, in-depth traffic info, and business directories that change as the respective businesses open and close.

Mio is smart enough to see into the not so distant future where large POI libraries and basic navigation isn’t going to cut it any more. Instead companies’ PND devices are going to be judges on the types of real-time info they can offer up, convenience at its best.

Thusly they are making a preemptive move in that direction. They have prototypes of these devices at CTIA this week, but the final product will be up for sale later this year, so keep your eyes open.

[via Mio]

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