Miilo oneBike transitions from balance to pedal bike with ease

Aug 8, 2014
Miilo oneBike transitions from balance to pedal bike with ease

One of the best ways to teach kids how to ride a bike is with a balance bike. The pedal-less design lets them scoot along, tucking their legs when they feel comfortable enough. Kids grow quickly, though, and those balance bikes soon become obsolete — unless you have one of these!

The Miilo oneBike takes you from the “I want a real bike!” stage to — well, the real bike stage — in no time. The modular design lets you snap off the body and reposition it to give your child an actual pedal bike to learn on.

The Miilo, currently a prototype, is made for some off-the-shelf bike parts, but also a slew of custom components as well. The team behind Miilo also envision 3D printed components that can be made or purchased for the bike, rendering it nearly limitless. Anything from a basket to larger or more durable components can be printed, making the suggested age of 2.5-7 years old extendable.

Check out the video below, showing a render of the bike. It’s not exactly clear if or when this might hit store shelves, but we hope it happens soon. Until your kids want a BMX bike so they can join the Rad Racing team, this might be the best option we’ve seen.


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