Midland Radio Sub Zero and BT SKI headphones for cold climates surface

Dec 31, 2010

Midland Radio has announced new headphones that are aimed at the user that spends a lot of time outside in the cold and wants to listen to their music. The new headsets include the SubZero and the BT SKI. The SubZero headset looks like a set of ear warmers, but the things are actually corded headphones that can connect to your iPhone or anything else that uses a 3.5mm headphone port.

The subzero have warm fleecy ear cups that will keep your ears from freezing off while you get your groove on outside. The headphones are adjustable and should fit any size head. They also have a noise-cancelling mic for making phone calls.

The BT SKI is designed for skiers and has wireless connectivity with Bluetooth to a smartphone, music device, or a Midlands 2-way radio. The idea is to allow the skier to communicate without being tied down with wires while keeping both hands available. Both of the headsets are offered in black or camo colors.

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