Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Internal Hard Drive Available Now from GameStop

Aug 20, 2010

It is becoming a growing trend to see online retailers announce, or put up for sale, items not even announced by the manufacturer. Product leaks happen like that all the time. But in most cases, those ads, or product placements, usually get pulled in some capacity or another. That hasn't happened with the 250GB internal hard drive for the new slimmer Xbox 360. Despite not having a formal announcement from Microsoft, you can indeed go buy yourself a new hard drive if you really wanted to, right now.

The hard drive may already be installed in the "normal" version of the newer Xbox 360, but don't forget all those 4GB models that are already available. And if you bought one, and realized quickly that 4GB of space isn't all that much at all, then here's your answer. If you do head over to GameStop's website and offer up your order, you'll expect your product to ship within 24 hours, so that's not bad at all. How much will it cost you? Only $129.99.

[via GameStop]

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