Microsoft Surface developer package on sale until end of November

Nov 21, 2008

Missed the Microsoft PDC but still fancy buying your own developers' Surface multitouch table?  Microsoft have extended the discount Surface pricing through until the end of November, meaning you can pick up (figuratively speaking; it would probably do terrible things to your lower back) the touchscreen computer for $13,500 including five SDK licences.

It's unclear whether this extension means Microsoft failed to find as many buyers as expected at the PDC.  Availability was apparently limited to 1,200 (while around 6,000 developers attended).  Alternatively, this could be a move to make the hardware accessible to those who took away the SDK from the conference and who would now like to try out their creations on the Surface itself.

The Surface is available in metal or black finishes (the white is seemingly only on offer to commercial customers) with an optional $1,500 installation service (mandatory for commercial customers).  Normal shipping takes 3-5 days (priced at $240; expedited 1-2 day shipping is available for $530) but is dependent on Microsoft having stock of the unit.

[via Gotta Be Mobile]

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