MeeGo punches Android in the spleen, wins Javascript test

Jul 8, 2010

Yesterday on Android Community, the results of a benchmark battle between Android 2.2 and iOS4 in a Javascript test were published. Android 2.2 put a serious beat down on iOS4 in the test. Today MeeGo has been put up against Android 2.2 in the same test and Android got a taste of its own medicine.

Carrypad reports today that MeeGo has whipped Android 2.2 in the same Javascript test. The benchmark used is called SunSpider. The benchmark for the MeeGo test was ran on an Aava phone prototype built on the Intel Moorestown platform.

The phone in question used the latest Firefox browser for the benchmarks. The device ran the test in 4,215ms. The iPhone 4 with iOS4 ran the benchmark in 10,902ms while Android 2.2 took 5,765ms.

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