Mammoth tusk uncovered at Seattle building site moved to Burke Museum

Feb 18, 2014

A group of construction workers working in Seattle, Washington made an interesting discovery recently. The workers were digging at the construction site when they uncovered a mammoth tusk. The mammoth tusk has now been removed from the site.

The tusk was taken to the Burke Museum for preservation. The scientists at the museum say that the fossil is very waterlogged right now. The tusk is said to be the consistency of a crayon and could be broken with a finger alone.

The scientists plan to dry out the fossil and note that the drying process will take a very long time. The tusk was covered in plaster at the site to help protect it. As the tusk dries, the museum staff will begin removing the plaster and repairing damage to the tusk.

The tusk was very large measuring 8.5-feet and is believed to be from a Columbian mammoth. A search of the site showed the single tusk to be the only fossil there. The building crew was working in the Seattle South Lake Union neighborhood when the tusk was found.

SOURCE: MyNorthwest

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