MacBook Pro Sandy Bridge Doesn’t Work with Verizon LTE Pantech Card/Software [BREAKING]

Feb 24, 2011

We're taking a hands-on look at the new MacBooks released today and we've noticed something potentially quite important. When attempting to use Verizon's LTE Pantech card/software, we've found that it doesn't work with this brand new MacBook Sandy Bridge platform. When attempting to work with the VZAccess Manager we get an error which says it's unable to launch. This is a saddening situation for us who've basically it seems like just five minutes ago gotten 4G on our OSX machines.

This modem is the one we've been using to access the internet on our MacBook Air at 4G speeds. It's fast. It's real fast. If we can't use it with this brand new wave of MacBooks, what good is it? Surely there'll be a fix in the very near future, especially since Verizon and Apple have a closer relationship now then that ever have before? We want those 12.44 Mb/s download speeds, 6.73 Mb/s upload speeds. Have a look back at our LG VL600 LTE modem review to see what we'll be missing barring a fix.

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