Lonely Planet Gives Several City Guide Apps Away Free During 2010 Holiday Season

Dec 21, 2010

If you've ever traveled outside of your own country (or state or city for that matter), you know the importance of the most important tool you can have: the city guide. I personally have gone through a few cities overseas with nothing but a map, a backpack full of scraps of paper, and my wallet, but once I had the chance to grab a city guide booklet (this was back before smartphones), my whole experience changed. Flash forward to today when we've got these tiny screens we can keep in our pockets, and Lonely Planet has a collection of city guides you can grab and keep handy at the flick of the finger! And what's the big news today? Lonely Planet is giving away a batch of big cities away during this holiday season, totally freaking free of charge!

This bag o' apps includes Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Vienna and Warsaw, and on December 23rd also the home of the guides: Amsterdam - this day is also the last of the free offer. Usually these each would cost $5.99 in the app store, so grab them all now, instantly!

[Via One More Thing]

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