LiteLocker lets you leave those Christmas lights up all year

Dec 23, 2010

There are a few asshats in my neighborhood that put up Christmas lights last year and just left them up. One of the guys even left his wreath and garland around the door all year. I guess it was a short cut to decorating for this year, but its' dumb to drive by in May and see holiday decorations up already.

If you want to be able to leave your Christmas lights up all year without making your neighbors hate you, the LiteLocker is what you need. The LiteLocker is a system that hangs under your eaves or gutters and when open the lights show and look like you hung them just for the holiday.

The thing closes and hides the lights from view. It’s a neat idea so you only have to hang lights one time. I generally just rip mine down, breaking most of the bulbs in the process and buy new strands the next year.

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