LINDY Electronics USB Data Dock

James Allan Brady - Aug 24, 2007
LINDY Electronics USB Data Dock

The USB Data Dock is a 3.5 inch drive enclosure of sorts. It has three attachments, for lack of a better word. They are a card reader, HDD, and USB hub.

Each of the three can be disconnected from the enclosure and used on other PC’s on their own via a USB cable. Or you can use them as intended, and dock up to two of the three in the enclosure.

The HDD isn’t really an actual hard drive, its just the enclosure for a 2.5” IDE HDD. The USB Data Dock from LINDY can be used with either a PC or a Mac (what a way to ugly up a beautiful Mac, no?) and they cost ₤49.99.

LINDY launches 3.5” USB Data Dock, add portable USB hub, card reader, hard drive to a PC [via]

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