LG set to debut portable TV devices for US standard

Dec 29, 2009

In Korea and other parts of the world portable TV standards have been around for a long time so the ability to watch TV from cell phones and other portable devices is old hat in many locations. Here in America we have had no mobile TV standard and have been left having to use TV tuners that work with traditional TV standards.

LG Electronics is set to debut a couple new devices at CES 2010 that support the new mobile TV standard here in America. The new products are an LG cell phone and an LG portable DVD player. The translation of the Korean PR is difficult to follow.

What I can glean from the sketchy translation is that LG will be providing chips capable of supporting mobile TV standards in America to Dell, Kenwood and others for devices ranging from computers to car stereos. All of the products will use the LG LG2160A ATSC-M/H tuner chips.

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