LG can’t keep up with Apple’s screen demand

Jul 23, 2010

Apple is selling iPads and iPhones in huge numbers but shortages have plagued the device. If Apple were able to offer enough devices to meet the demand of consumers, its sales would be considerably higher. One of the major screen suppliers for Apple has stated that it simply can’t meet the demand.

LG has stated that at this time it is unable to meet the increasing demand for mobile device screens that Apple is placing on it. However, LG does state that it will be able to meet the demand for mobile device screens from Apple and other firms by Q2 of 2011.

LG is making a new investment in an additional production line that will total $512 million. The new production line will be able to make 20,000 glass sheets per month for screens in the portable size range of the iPad and iPhone.

via WSJ

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