LG and LifeSize team for LG Executive Video Conferencing System

Jun 10, 2010

When the economy started to go south over the last few years a lot of companies realized that they could save money by having virtual meetings and conferences rather than flying people in from around the country or the world for a meeting. This lead to lots of business notebooks that came with video conferencing solutions built-in and more than one standalone video conferencing system for the office.

LG and LifeSize have teamed up to offer a new video conferencing solution called the LG Executive Video Conferencing Solution. The device is a fully integrated video solution with a 24-inch HD display and an integrated HD webcam. The webcam has 720p resolution and captures 30 frame per second full motion video.

In addition to the webcam, the system also has wideband audio and a microphone array for quality sound. The resolution for the 24-inch screen is 1920 x 1080. LG is offering the Executive Video Conferencing System for $2999 with shipping set for Q3 globally.

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