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Lenovo tipped to make a bid for BlackBerry this week

Either Lenovo is very serious about stepping up its mobile phone business or it is getting very desperate. Aside from setting up a third mobile business to target China specifically, rumors are resurfacing that Lenovo is eying to buy BlackBerry out of its woes. Or perhaps the two moves are one and the same, which doesn’t make sense either. Whatever … Continue reading

Google Q3 2014 Earnings hit and a miss

This afternoon Google announced their financial Q3 2014 earnings, this just a short while after Apple held their 2014 iPad event. Generally Apple’s events squash every other kind of technology news released during the day, but Google’s earnings – especially ones that turn their stock into a rock – should be strong enough to break on through. What we’re seeing … Continue reading

Lenovo to step up in China by starting a new phone brand

Competition sometimes drives people to go to the extremes or do things that don’t easily make sense. Although Lenovo is now the top dog when it comes to the PC manufacturing business, as far as the specific subset of smartphones and Chinese market is concerned, it is far from wresting the crown from King Xiaomi. That is why, in addition … Continue reading

A Motorola tablet is coming, says Lenovo CEO

Did you own a Motorola Xyboard? the DROID tablets were among the early contenders for Android in the larger screen realm, and like most other Android tablets of the time, were fairly terrible. That was more an Android failure (this was pre Honeycomb, so Gingerbread. Gross.) than Motorola’s, and based on pure hardware, the Xyboard wasn’t so bad. It seems … Continue reading

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro hands-on

Lenovo has introduced a slew of new products, and standing chief among them is the YOGA 3 Pro. With this convertible PC comes many notable features, the best among them being the unique “watchband” hinge. Unlike traditional hinges found on convertible PCs, the watchband hinge is composed of an entirely new design that, like its name suggests, resembles the design … Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro hands-on with integrated projector

Among Lenovo’s newly unveiled products lie a couple distinguished features — the YOGA 3 Pro’s watchband hinge, for example, and the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro’s integrated Pico projector. With the projector, the need to connect to an external display is eliminated — any empty wall can be transformed into a display, whether to give a presentation or watch an impromptu … Continue reading


Lenovo N20P Chromebook Review

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook isn’t the company’s only Chrome OS machine, and latest to the batch is its new N20P Chromebook. Unlike the 11e, the N20P isn’t styled after the company’s famous all-black ThinkPad notebooks, instead sporting a smooth gray body and lid. What we ultimately get is a Chromebook quite a bit thinner than the aforementioned model, … Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga 2 13 Review

Remember Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro? The company has rolled out a similar model, the Yoga 2 13, featuring the same multi-mode design and similar specs. Aimed at the more casual user, the Yoga 2 13 rests on the foundation set by its higher-res sibling, but does it hold up to the Yoga device standards we’ve come to expect? Read our … Continue reading

Lenovo TAB A8 Review

Lenovo has added some new tablets to its roster, among them being the 8-inch Lenovo TAB A8. This tablet is a mixture of goodies — it is thin and light, and boasts an astounding battery life (hint: I gave up on waiting for the battery to deplete in standby after day 19). Though the specs are in the range needed … Continue reading

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Review

Among the series of laptops Lenovo has introduced over the past handful of months lies a small Windows 8.1 tablet, the ThinkPad 8. With the tablet comes a small form factor and a unique Quickshot cover, the most notable feature of the device. How does the ThinkPad 8 hold up against other Windows 8 tablets? Read our full SlashGear review … Continue reading

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review

Lenovo has rolled out a variety of business-chic ThinkPad laptops over the past few months, as well as the wonderfully flexible Yoga 2 Pro. We’ve reviewed several of the company’s devices in recent times, including the T440s, the X240, and the ThinkPad Yoga. While they’re all fine machines, none of them live up to the sheer beauty and svelte thin … Continue reading

Lenovo T440s Review

Among Lenovo’s newest offerings this year is another release in the T-Series lineup, the T440s. With this ultrabook comes all the trimmings you’d expect to see: Windows 8 Pro, a touchscreen display, Intel Haswell under the hood, and the ever-present TrackPoint nestled in the keyboard. The T440s stands out as a larger offering when compared to the ThinkPad X240 we … Continue reading


Lenovo S660 smartphone hands-on: mid-range hero

Lenovo is bringing on some significant smartphone heat to the global market this week at Mobile World Congress 2014. Today we’re getting our hands on the Lenovo S660 smartphone, it bringing on a 4.7-inch display with a 960 x 540 resolution IPS touchscreen display while 1GB of RAM and a MediaTek 1.3Ghz quad-core processor appear besides. Wondering how this device … Continue reading

Lenovo S860 hands-on: with battery to spare

With the Lenovo S860 we’re seeing a smartphone that’s extremely similar to the S850 save a few key points. First, you’re working with a metal back here instead of a glass back. Here with the S860 we’ve got a battery that’s twice the size of the S850 at 4000mAh, and this device rolls with a couple of cameras that aren’t … Continue reading

Lenovo S850 smartphone hands-on: glassy power

The team at Lenovo is bringing on smartphones galore this week at Mobile World Congress 2014, and today we’re having a peek at the glass-covered S850. This device works with a 5-inch, 1280 x 720 pixel display with IPS LCD technology inside as well as a massive 5-megapixel camera up front. This machine is meant to be the finest of … Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ hands-on

This week the folks at Lenovo have revealed the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, and today we’re getting out first hands-on experience with the machine. This device is easily the finest tablet the company has put forth thus far with Android aboard, rolling with a three-mode delivery with a 10.1-inch “20/20 Vision” Full HD (that’s 1080p) display to boot. This device … Continue reading

Lenovo’s Miix 2 ‘multimode’ devices, hands-on at CES 2014

Lenovo has come in hot and heavy this year at CES, with their over-the-top impressive 4K monitor and sublime windows tablets. Continuing their innovative approach to convertible devices, Lenovo has the Miix 2. A tablet, a laptop, and so much more. We were given the opportunity to check it out, and we must confess; we’re smitten.

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