LEGO Announces Release of Blind-Boxed Minifigs Series 4

Dec 8, 2010

Wow LEGO, you release sets fast! After releasing their first series of Minifigs just this past January, they're apparently getting ready to blast out series FOUR! Each of these lovely little people are packaged in a "blind-box" which is akin to baseball cards, or if you're too young to have collected baseball cards, Dunny designer toys. These single-figure boxes will more than likely run the regular $2 per pack, but you'll probably want to check prices at your local toyshop before you bring a fiver in expecting to get both the Frankenstein Monster and the Geisha.

There's sixteen figures to this set, and it's unclear whether a full case will give you a full set or not. Better just buy infinite of them to be sure, sending all your doubles to me. Sounds alright, alright?

[Via The Brothers Brick]

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