Leaked Sony Ericsson ANZU is 4.3-inch replacement to XPERIA X10? [Updated]

Nov 10, 2010

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, but according to the latest Android rumors you may just be looking at Sony Ericsson's successor the XPERIA X10, currently codenamed ANZU. XperiaX10Blog's source reckons the smartphone has a 4.3-inch display along with an HDMI output, and that Sony Ericsson is aiming to release the ANZU in Q1 of 2011.

Update: More pictures from XperiaX10Blog after the cut of what's being cautiously called the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12.

Hardware specifications are unknown, but going by the screenshot this pre-production unit is running Android 2.1; hopefully that will be updated to Froyo at the very least, but preferably Android 2.3 Gingerbread should the ANZU actually reach the market. For now we're quietly skeptical, but if Sony Ericsson can bring their software teams up to speed, the company's hardware has always been reasonably impressive.

[via Android Community]

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