Leak in 2-million gallon shark tank in world’s largest mall in Dubai [Video]

Feb 25, 2010

Shopping for a pair of Seven jeans or JCrew jacket turns into a nightmare for shoppers at the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping center, when the glass of its massive 2.66-million gallon aquarium cracked, leading to an outpour of water onto customers.  The Dubai aquarium was designed to hold more than 33,000 animals and 85 species, including more than 400 sharks and stingrays, according to Dubai's Khaleej Times.  Video of the leak caught after break.

According to the Dubai newspaper, “It is believed that a leak occurred in the 270-degree acrylic walk-through tunnel, but it was sealed quickly” and that a spokesman for the country’s civil defense force told The National, another Emirates newspaper, that “the situation is under control and a team is working on fixing the problem.”  Still, it’s not too likely that mall-goers will saunter back through the tunnel without any worries in the future.

[via LA Times]


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