Large Pocket Shirt makes you look like The Little’s

Dec 7, 2010

You can tell a geek by the gadgets they carry. There are levels to geekiness, sort of like levels in martial arts. At the early stage of geekiness, you start to carry more gadgets like say an iPhone and an iPad. Once you move to higher levels of geekiness, you start to wear geeky clothing like the Large Pocket Shirt.

The shirt looks like those pocket undershirts by grandpa used to wear only the Large Pocket Shirt has a gynormous pocket. It has a single massive pocket that covers most of the user's chest. It’s size to hold things, apparently things like giant office supplies.

The maker says that the pocket is large enough for you to actually fit your iPad in it. The shirt is made for 100% preshrunk cotton and comes in S-XL sizes for $30. Shipping is free and the shirt will ship on December 10.

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