Korg KAOSS Pad QUAD mangles audio with 4-effect touchpad control

Jan 14, 2011

Korg's KAOSS Pad range have long been the fondle-box favorites of pro and amateur musicians, and the company has a new model out this week. The Korg KAOSS Pad QUAD is centered around a backlit touchpad, as usual, but now allows for up to four effects simultaneously; they can be sync'd to the input, using auto-BPM matching, for a total of 1,295 different effects combinations.

Any input can be used, so you can mangle your iPod playlist or plug in a proper synth; alternatively there's a microphone input. Effects are split into four combinable categories - Looper; Modulation; Filter; and Delay/Reverb - and Korg has polished the selection process so there's less options-menu digging involved.

Connectivity includes a pair of RCA inputs and a microphone input, while outputs include RCA and a headphones jack. No word on pricing at this stage, but the Korg KAOSS Pad QUAD should go on sale imminently.

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