Koostik Wooden iPhone Dock for Olde Fashioned Sound Amplification

Nov 24, 2010

Take a peek at the Koostik - an all-wood amplifier for your iPhone (or iPod Touch I could imagine without too much of a stretch) that'll softly take the lovely sounds of your guitar clanging to a slightly louder level, all in a very beautifully carved piece of industrial design. You can get one in many different kinds of wood and wood combinations: walnut face and cherry body, birdseye maple face and walnut body, cherry face and walnut body, birdseye maple face and cherry body, walnut face and walnut body, and cherry face with cherry body. Such a bunch of awesomeness.

Each of these fancy docks costs between $85 and $90 and ships free anywhere in the USA through 12.15.2010. It's the totally natural solution to all of your plug-in woes. No more woes will be yours when the creators Jim, Jancy, and Mike bestow upon you this sensual hunk of wood. Buy it for a gift, but if you do, buy two. Why? Your iPhone wont want to leave once it sits in this comfy seat. ALSO guess what's coming next from these same people? A fabulous wooden iPad dock. Keep your eyes peeled.

[Via Koostik]

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