Knoll Systems GSZ67 and GSZ44 eco-friendly multiroom amps

Aug 14, 2009

The "earth friendly" juggernaut continues, with even high-end home automation specialists feeling the need to slap some green on their spec sheets.  You'd find it pretty hard to fault the range of amps and control panels from Knoll Systems generally, but if the one factor stopping you was concern for the livelihood of the Crested Grebe then their new GSZ44 and GSZ67 controller-amplifiers should salve your conscience.

That's because Knoll's Eco-System amps can shut off unused channels or the full system, which according to the company adds up to hundreds of dollars in saved energy bills over a year, and an idle power draw of under 2W compared to the 40-80W of a standard amp.  As a handy benefit of this selective shut-down, the GSZ44 and GSZ67 channels left active can actually use some of the freed-up rail voltage to boost their own output.

As for the hardware itself, the GSZ67 has a12-channel class A/B amplifier with 50W per channel at 8 ohms and 70W per channel at 4 ohms, while the smaller GSZ44 has an 8-channel class A/B amplifier producing 30W per channel at 8 ohms and 35W per channel at 4 ohms.  The former comes with six multiroom keypads, the latter with four, and both systems can be daisy-chained together for expansion.

Available now, the GSZ67 has an MRSP of $2,199 while the GSZ44 has an MRSP of $999.  Crested Grebe sold separately.

Press Release:

Eco-system™ packages from Knoll Systems combine energy-friendly amps and fingertip control keypads for the whole house entertainment that is green.

Their all new GSZ44 and GSZ67 controller-amplifiers with keypads provide stellar entertainment quality with energy-conscious ingenuity.

Atlanta, GA - CEDIA 2009 - Knoll Systems award winning amplifier technology, called Eco-System™, is available in two different packages to enable this innovative green technology to be available to a broader market. The GSZ44 and GSZ67 systems are powered by the award–winning Eco-System amplifier that shuts off the amplifier (or channels within the amplifier – depending on what’s being used or not) to save power with no turn-on artifacts. The GSZ series also offers two different type keypads in the four most popular colors to fit into any décor.

The GSZ67 has a12-channel class A/B amplifier that produces 50 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 70 watts per channel at 4 ohms. The smaller GSZ44 has an 8-channel class A/B amplifier that produces 30 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 35 watts per channel at 4 ohms. While offering unparalleled reliability, power and sound quality these GSZ systems offer the Knoll exclusive Eco-System™ circuit. This patent-pending circuit determines which of the 8 or 12 stereo channels (in pairs) are in use and delivers power only to those channels needing it. The channels that are "off" are truly off, not in "standby" or "mute". As an added bit of ingenuity, the circuit enables the active channels to share more rail voltage resulting in more reserve power for the stereo channels in use.

Given today’s energy-conscious consumers, the most timely benefit of the Eco-System™ circuit is the electrical savings that the owner gets over what a comparable class A/B amplifier would cost to operate. The typical home owner will enjoy a savings of hundred dollars or more per year in electrical costs and that can be multiplied when taking into account the increased costs of air conditioning to extract unwanted heat produced by a typical multi-channel amplifier. Comparable amplifiers without the Eco-System™ circuit would use about 14 times (40 - 80 watts) the amount of power while idling in standby. By comparison the GSZ44 with Eco-System™ uses under 2 watts while idling!

According to Knoll Systems VP of Marketing and Sales, Richard Hanson, “These Eco-System multi-room audio systems are perfectly timed for today’s marketplace. Homeowners that want multi-room audio as a part of the everyday lifestyle want great sound. The 8 and 12-channel Eco-System amps sound fabulous, thanks to Kevin Knoll’s years of experience and design savvy. But these same customers also want to be responsible and only put in systems that are energy-efficient at the same time. These Eco-Systems let the homeowner fill their homes with great sound, while showing their appreciation for energy conservation. It’s the perfect entertainment match for today’s economy.”

The GSZ 44 comes complete with four keypads, a controller amplifier and is also expandable by daisy chaining two or more together to make larger systems. The complete package retails at only $999. It offers twice the power and a tenth the energy consumption of its competitors.

The GSZ67 comes complete with 6 keypads, a controller amplifier and also expands by daisy-chaining two or more together to handle larger applications. The GSZ67 system has a suggested retail of $2199.

The new GSZ systems are aiming to be record breaking product for Knoll Systems by virtue of their Eco-System™ technology, ease of installation and affordable cost. Knoll’s experience with the custom installation channel also means that these new systems offer unparalleled reliability, power and sound quality.

For nearly 10 years Knoll multi-channel amplifiers have sold around the world because of their legendary reliability and unparalleled sound quality. The GSZ Series takes the next logical step by being eco-friendly as well.

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