Kingston Unveils Water-Cooled DDR3 Memory Kits, Intended for Hardcore Gamers

Aug 3, 2010

Kingston has been a big name in the memory business for awhile now, especially amongst those that want to grab some good, but relatively cheap memory options. However, Kingston wants to make their name known in every available facet, so that's why they've recently unveiled their new water-cooled DDR3 memory kits, which are specifically targeted for the hardcore gamers out there.

It's not just one option, either. No, instead they've hit the market with three different variations, all at different price points. Basically, making sure everyone has what they're looking for. According to a Kingston spokesperson, the reason they chose water-cooled options, was due to the reliability and quiet operation. Which makes sense, especially for their choice of dual- and triple-channel kits.

The three options are going to be set within Kingston's new H20 line-up of memory kits. The two "base versions" will be the 4GB dual-channel kits, clocked at 2000MHz and 2133MHz, respectively. And then there is the 6GB triple-channel option, which is clocked at 2000MHz. The three options will cost you $157.00, $205.00, and $235.00. So if you're a PC gamer, and you like to build yourself some high-profile, expensive, and impressive rigs, it looks like Kingston has a brand new way for you to make your system one of the best out there.

[via TG Daily]

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