Kensington Wireless USB docking station is first of its kind

Aug 19, 2008

Kensington has a first on their hands. They've just released their Wireless USB Docking Station and it's a universal dock like no other. This docking station is filled with functions that make it worth the slightly hefty $230 price tag.

What makes this Kensington offering special is it's combination of features. For instance, it can support up to five different USB devices, acting as a universal hub. But it also has a DVI monitor, which can be connected to your notebook computer via wireless technology. Whenever your notebook comes in range of the station, you're connected.

Speaker ports are also included. And the best part is you can use any notebook that supports Wireless USB. You should be able to get your own docking station come month's end from either Dell or Kensington.

[via SlipperyBrick]

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