Kensington Proximo: A Bluetooth tracking dongle for the perpetually paranoid

Jan 8, 2013

There was a time when getting ready to leave the house meant grabbing keys and your chimney-sweeper; now, we're stuffing out pockets and bags with phones, tablets, portable chargers, games consoles, and more. For those paranoid about forgetting something - or losing it along the way - Kensington offers the Proximo, an app-based tracking system that uses Bluetooth fobs to keep tabs on your essentials.

The Proximo system can track up to five items concurrently, with the iPhone app showing their distance and pinging up a warning if you're leaving them behind. Kensington offers a Fob, which hooks onto your keychain, and a Tag, which is designed to attach to other items; each runs for about six months on the replaceable CR2042 Li-Ion coin-style battery.


Inside there's Bluetooth Smart 4.0, noted for its power-frugal efficiency. That's what means you don't have to keep recharging the Fobs and Tags every few days; Kensington will sell a Proximo Starter Kit, with one Fob and one Tag, and then subsequent Tags separately.

Individual distances before a reminder sounds can be set for each of the dongles, and the button on the Fob, when pressed, triggers an alarm on your iPhone, just in case it's it that's lost. The Proximo Starter Kit will be priced at $59.99, while each additional Tag will be $24.99.

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