Japanese cellphones titter at the iPhone

Jan 20, 2007
Japanese cellphones titter at the iPhone

You're probably getting bored of iPhone coverage, and are saving your strength for the first "EXCLUSIVE! PHOTOS! HANDS-ON!" headlines you'll have to navigate around the web come April or so, but spare a thought for the poor Japanese.  They've had 3G networks for years now, and are currently testing 4G technology; with handsets available in shops today that support mobile digital TV, moneyless-payment, biometric security and more, while America excites itself over Jobs' latest trinket they have no super-advanced iPhone features to anticipate.  After all, they've got it all already.

electro^plankton borrowed the daily life of a Japanese friend to see just what cellphone features they use - and expect handsets to have - on a daily basis.  Let's just say that the iPhone doesn't look so rosy in comparison. 

Sorry iPhone, Japan's Not Interested [electro^plankton]

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