iTwin USB drive debuts for Mac users

Sep 20, 2011
iTwin USB drive debuts for Mac users

The iTwin USB drive is an interesting device that was unveiled for the PC user a while back. The drive now has an available update that will allow it to function on Mac computers. The iTwin update allows the drive to work with Mac OS x Lion and Snow Leopard. The update allows the sharing of files between the PC and Mac in a small package the size of a flash drive.

The files that are shared with the iTwin device are encrypted for protection with military-grade encryption. The iTwin has two parts that are identical and are activated by a computer with an internet connection. That allows the sharing of files between the two halves of the iTwin from any computer with a web connection.

The encryption used inside the device is AES 256-bit. The owner of the drives also gets a remote disable code that will allow the disabling of the connection if one of the iTwin devices is lost or stolen. The drives allow the use of a remote computer sort of like a personal cloud with access to all the storage that the remote system has available to it. The iTwin is available right now for $99.

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