iTunes 10.1 Available Now for Download, Brings Video AirPlay to the Masses

Nov 12, 2010

If you've been using the audio version of AirPlay since its launch, but you've been aching at the very bones to get your hands on a little video streaming, then it looks like today's your lucky day. Apple has just begun pushing out update notifications for iTunes 10.1, which brings a few new features to the table, but mainly it's a platform for you to get iOS 4.2 onto your device (when it launches).

The new update is available now, and you should be getting some prompts regarding the update when you open up iTunes. If you're not, and you can't wait for it, then you can head on through the source link below and download it directly from Apple. In the update, you'll get new support for Video AirPlay, which will let you wirelessly stream videos from iTunes to the new Apple TV.

As for iOS 4.2, you'll need iTunes 10.1 if you want to add the new Operating System to your iDevice. Of course, iOS 4.2 isn't released quite yet, but considering the update to iTunes just landed, it may be coming any day now. Of course, the update also includes plenty of updates and enhancements to iTunes itself, so hopefully if you've been noticing any bugs lately, they'll get squashed in the update.

[via Apple]

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