iTab DIY active-digitizer MacBook project

May 26, 2009

Touchscreen MacBook conversions aren't new, and in fact if you've got the money then we'll be the first to say that the Axiotron ModBook is a great off-the-shelf OS X tablet.  If, though, you don't have the money and you want the accuracy of a Wacom active digitizer, you might have to replicate Wei's iTab project: merging a Wacom Intuos tablet with a first-gen 1.83GHz MacBook.

Video demo after the cut

The MacBook donated its working internals, but not a screen - that was damaged - so a replacement LCD was sandwiched in-between it and the Intuos digitizer fascia.  The optical drive still works, and the ports have been re-routed to a new side panel; there's only one available USB, though, as the second is used for a permanent hook-up to the digitizer. 

There are some nifty design touches, too, such as using the broken display's magnets to hold on an Apple Remote.  The whole thing apparently cost less than a brand-new low end MacBook (thus far below what Axiotron would charge for a Modbook).

[via GottaBeMobile]

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