iPhone signal tweaks compared; iOS 4.0.1 quietly fixes Exchange support too

Jul 16, 2010

We love a good colored diagram here at SlashGear, and so this comparison chart showing just how Apple has changed iPhone signal strength bar mapping in their latest iOS 4.0.1 update is tickling us nicely.  The handiwork of AnandTech reader Mike Escoffery, it shows the considerable margin by which Apple emphasized a "full bars" signal.  Meanwhile, while there was no mention of it in the iTunes release notes, iOS 4.0.1 also addresses Exchange ActiveSync problems.

According to the Apple support document, some users may have been finding Exchange sync to be sluggish or downright impossible, making transferring calendar, contacts and mail information between the iPhone and the remote server a headache.  The workaround solution - for those who cannot or are unwilling to update to iOS4 - involves increasing the timeout period for waiting for server replies, though it's unclear if the changes in iOS 4.0.1 do the same thing.

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