iPhone OS expansion rumor prompts craziness: 3D glasses & licensing deals

Feb 25, 2010

There's nothing like an Apple rumor to bring the analysts out of the woodwork, and talk of the Cupertino company considering putting iPhone OS on other platforms and devices has prompted some interesting speculation.  After a job advert was spotted earlier in the week for an engineering manager responsible for expanding iPhone OS' scope, we've already seen suggestions that they're planning 3D movie glasses, non-Apple hardware licensing and more.

The 3D glasses idea - which would basically be a wearable version of the iPod touch, but with dual displays - comes from Envisioneering Group director Richard Doherty.  Meanwhile Alex Spektor of Strategy Analytics reckons Apple will start "experimenting with sizes" by creating a larger version of iPhone, something we thought they'd already done with the iPad.

Most unlikely, however, is the licensing potential.  Envisioneering Group's Dohetry reckons Apple are weighing the prospect of allowing other manufacturers - he suggests Motorola - to use the iPhone OS, so as to boost their user market-share and thus make themselves more attractive to content partners.  Movie studios, he speculates, might be more inclined to give Apple exclusives or better deals if they could be certain of a broader market.  It all sounds pretty unlikely to us.

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