iPhone 5 June Release Confirmation is Complete Nonsense

Apr 5, 2011

There's been a report from Korean site ETNews that the release date for the iPhone 5, a product that's not been announced in any manner, mind you, will be released at WWDC on June 5th, 2011. The key word they have in this original article is 확인된, aka "confirmed." They've noted that "industry officials" have spoken with them and that they've told them that CEO Steve Jobs will be there to release the flagship phone.

Again, this is nonsense. Apple, as we know from many moons of reporting on such matters, never confirms anything of this magnitude. This is an unsubstantiated rumor, and ETNews ought to be tossed out of news readers worldwide for producing it as fact. Another small tidbit they mention is that this phone will get a simultaneous release in Korea - maybe, possible, perhaps, but again, irrelevant because they have no real source.

When you hear a true release date for the iPhone 5, if such a product exists (it surely will in the near future,) it will be from Steve Jobs mouth, not a "rumor" perpetuated by "journalists" claiming they've got "industry sources" confirming Apple news to them. We guarantee it.

[via ETNews]

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