iOnRoad augmented reality navigation app promises to make you a safer driver

Jan 4, 2013

A new app has launched for iPhone 5 users called iOnRoad that is designed to take advantage of the new processing power in the iPhone 5 and navigation integration available on iOS 6. The app is described as a black box video recorder that promises driver assistance when on the road. The app also offers turn-by-turn navigation using an augmented reality interface.

The black box feature of the application is like a virtual driving log that creates an archive of your driving history. The idea is in the event of an accident information can be used to re-create what led up to the accident. The app also uses the iPhone camera and onboard sensors to detect lanes and vehicles in front of the driver.

With the ability to detect other vehicles and lanes, the app is able to alert drivers when they're in danger, such as when driving too close to the car in front or when straying outside of their lane. The app also offers a feature that can estimate gas prices and offers feedback on how safe and green the driver is being during the trip.

The augmented reality navigation is particularly interesting since the app lays driving directions over the top of what you're actually seeing in front of you. The range of functionality for the app includes augmented driving, collision warning, speed and alerts, and safety scoring. iOnRoad is available right now for $1.99.

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