Intel Core i7 leak suggests November release for 920, 940 & 965 Extreme

Sep 17, 2008

Intel clammed up after announcing the Core i7 processors back in August, saying nothing but that it was aiming for Q4 production.  Now leaked information is suggesting a November 2008 launch, together with further details of the mainstream, performance and extreme versions Intel are planning.  Each will have four cores and a TDP of 130W.

The Core i7 920, which Intel describe as mainstream, will run at 2.66GHz, while the performance Core i7 940 takes that up to 2.93GHz.  Finally the Core i7 965 Extreme will run at 3.20GHz.  All use the LGA1366 socket, have 256KB L2 cache per core and 8MB shared L3 cache.

While individual pricing is still unknown, system builders will apparently be charged $284, $562 and $999 for the 920, 940 and 965 respectively, when ordering in thousand unit quantities. Core i7 will introduce a new architecture to the existing 45nm die platform that the Core 2 Duo processors are currently built on. There will also be an integrated graphics processor and memory controller.

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