Instra Corporation announces that it will provide technical and customer support for Mega

Jan 18, 2013

The New Zealand registrar Instra Corporation has announced that it will provide customer support and billing for, the replacement for Megaupload set to launch on January 19. This comes after the aforementioned cloud storage service - largely the home of copyrighted content - was taken down by the US government. The new iteration of the service is based out of New Zealand.

According to the announcement, Instra Corporation will be responsible for providing tech support and helping with daily operations during the website's launch, which is expected to bring in an onslaught of users. Instra Corporation's CEO Brian Clarkson offered this statement. "The new Mega promises a revolution in online privacy with one-click encryption for every user, creating a secure online cloud storage service for Internet users across the globe."

Mega's founder Kim Dotcom announced on October 18 that he would be launching a new service to replace Megaupload. This came after a raid on Dotcom's house, during which he was arrested and spent a short time in jail. To keep this from happening again, the new website is said to be "raid-proof" due to an encryption system that holds Mega blameless of any copyrighted material it ends up hosting.

Following this, the website was taken offline by the massive amount of traffic it received in early November, confirming suspicions that it will be slammed with traffic when it launches in two days. Dotcom will hold a launch event at his New Zealand mansion, although details are scant on what the event will actually entail. Says Kim, "Expect a press conference like no other."

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